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So who are we anyway, and what qualifies us to teach other people how to run a successful business?

Kevin and Laura have been involved in the business world for almost thirty years. Laura has been a small business startup consultant for more than a dozen of those years. They have extensive web design and development experience, specifically in the very small business field, and developed a set of standards and policies based on analysis of the broad variety of online business types they encountered while building websites for their clients. They didn't just build websites like everybody else said to, they studied what worked and what did not for small business specifically, and wrote a new set of rules to reduce cost for their clients, improve results for their clients, while increasing profit for themselves. The skills and concepts they learned through this experience taught them that this kind of seemingly contradictory result can actually be obtained for any business.

Laura developed a Certification program, and wrote the curriculum for the course, which Kevin and Laura taught through the University of Wyoming. They trained Small Business Web Development professionals privately, through phone based lessons, during this same time.

Their most recent success has been the invention, and the home manufacturing process development, for a unique food preparation product. You can see this product at - it is the product listed as Fermenta Lock. This product is unimpressive to those who do not make old fashioned brined pickles, but for those who do, it is an amazing product, which is a significant improvement on the similar types of competing products. Not only did Kevin and Laura invent the product, they developed the prototype, and created a manufacturing process which could be done in their home, and did it all on a budget of only a few hundred dollars.

Kevin and Laura also operate a small farm, and produce instructional books on a variety of small farm and gardening topics. They have extensive experience with the sale of farm and garden produced products, and have observed the processes and outcomes of hundreds of businesses in the time they spent working with small online businesses.

Their varied experiences and research and analytical abilities have created a foundation for a unique understanding of Cottage Industry, from the familiar, to the creative. They have accumulated a vast network of talented people to turn to when they need expertise outside the realm of their own experience and training. When they run into road blocks, they always have someone in their network who can open the road ahead to get things in motion again.

Most recently, Laura has once again taken up brush and paints, and is producing artwork for sale, and developing skills for Assembly Line Art Production. This is a departure from what she thought she would love doing, but her talents and abilities have grown, and she is now able to work in creative endeavors on a daily basis, which she could not do so well when she was younger.

Kevin and Laura's expertise is unique in the business world. They understand the workings of successful microbusinesses and cottage industries better than anyone, and they approach problem solving for those businesses in a way that is highly effective in targeting the root of the problem, and developing a strategy to move past it into unexpected success. As the parents who raised seven children (most of them homeschooled, and all very close in age), they have a good deal of real life experience with the management of business in a busy home environment. They have no illusions about the practical day to day reality of running a business in the home, but they also possess an extensive collection of strategies and resources to make it all manageable.

They are well qualified, and well able to put their expertise to work on your behalf, to help you achieve the business goals that you need in order to not only survive in our complex and changing economy, but to thrive in it.

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We are business professionals, offering suggestions and skills training for traditional business operations methods. We are not lawyers, and we do not offer legal advice. We are not accountants, and we do not offer financial advice. We do share information for some business practices that are sometimes handled by a lawyer or accountant, but which many business owners choose to handle themselves.

Business is a risky thing, and no one can provide a magic formula for success. The concepts, skills, and strategies taught by us are sound, and have the potential to yield significant benefits, but individual results will vary, and positive outcomes are not assured. Your success may be influenced by your attitude, your understanding of the material taught, political or economic factors, or even natural disasters. We strive to present accurate and helpful information, but offer no guarantees.

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