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Manufacturing Process Development

You can have anything made if you have enough money, and if you want it to be made in a factory. Working out a way to make something at home, that is not typically made at home, is a different matter altogether.

We've been through this process many times. It usually has a number of steps - working out how to make the product first in a way that is profitable, and sustainable, and then working out successive improvements as the product begins to sell and the need for faster production comes into play.

The trick is knowing how to balance the speed of production with the need to keep it as a home manufactured item. Through the creative use of common tools, semi-specialized equipment, custom processes and methods, and your own specialized adaptations, it is possible to make many things at home which are usually made in factories.

The demand for American Made, and environmentally friendly products means that your product and processes do NOT need to be the same as those produced in a factory. They just need to be functional and good quality. Signs of having been handmade are actually an asset, and customers are pleased with some evidence that the item is, indeed, made in a home shop.

Developing a manufacturing process for home production is a highly creative process. Sometimes you just hit the wall and can't figure out how to get past a specific task requirement. An outside set of hands and eyes can often see a simple solution that you overlooked.

Whether you need a little help with a single problem, or assistance with the entire process, we can provide the experience and expertise that you need to move forward with a workable manufacturing plan.

Please contact us, for either a consultation or more intensive help. It costs $200 for a consultation, with email follow-up, and that may be all you need.

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