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Online Marketing Consulting

Our website clients considered our online marketing consulting to be just about the best money they ever spent on their business.

This is not one-size-fits-all marketing. This is personal. Sole proprietors with businesses of all sizes end up doing a lot of the work themselves. Even when they don't, they need to understand it enough to know what it is they are paying for.

Marketing should fit the personality of the individual doing the marketing. If you keep feeling like you are a bad marketer, then you probably are not doing the right things! You SHOULD have to push yourself out of your comfort zone a little, but you should not have to LIVE there. Much of your marketing should be geared around things you enjoy, not things you dread.

Personalized marketing consultations explore what you are good at, and then help you tailor a marketing plan which builds on your strengths. It works with your budget, and specifically targets YOUR customers and their interests. This way of creating a marketing plan means you are more likely to succeed, both because you are more likely to DO it, and because it is more likely to reach out to the customers or clients that you really want to be serving.

The number one reason for failure of a new business to gain sufficient customers to justify the effort of keeping it going, is a lack of effective marketing.

There is no reason for your business to just be one of the statistics, when it can be a success instead!

A phone consultation that lasts about 1 hour is $200, with email follow-up support.

Contact us to discuss your needs and to schedule a consultation. Call 435-263-1425, or Email us.

NOTE: We do not practice scammy hype-filled "internet marketing" tactics. We recommend solid information based marketing that makes your customers GOOD customers, and keeps them satisfied and coming back.

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