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Good content writing puts the reader into a setting where they can imagine themselves benefiting from the product or service that is being offered. Good blogging is fun, imaginative, completely original, and succeeds in the goal of informing, educating, entertaining, or encouraging the reader.

Most content writing and blogging services turn out variations on boilerplate copy. It performs badly - it fails to reach the audience, and is a complete waste of money.

When you pay for writing, you want to be sure it is good! Our clients come back to us over and over, with comments like, "You always have the right words.", "Our site did so much better with the search engines after you cleaned up the mess the last SEO guy made of it.", "You don't just help me with the home page center paragraph, you help me with the words on the whole page." and "I know I could do it, but I like it so much more when you write it.".

Search engines love our writing, because it is naturally rich, and completely original. People like it because it describes your product or service in a way they can understand, and because our blog posts attract your customers through their interests, rather than by advertising to them.

Our services are not cheap. They ARE high quality, and you can expect to get your money's worth.

Website content varies in price, between $25 and $150 per page, depending on WHICH page, and the complexity of the content. Product descriptions range from $10 to $50 each, depending on the complexity - we also offer some bulk discounts for product descriptions when purchased in batches. Blog posts vary between $35 and $50 per post, depending on how much research we have to do to produce a quality post - we do NOT charge by the word! We create a post that is "as long as it needs to be" to tell the story, teach the concept, or convey the message. Bulk rates are also available for blog posts when purchased in batches of 4 or more.

To get started with content writing, please call us or email us to schedule a free consultation to discuss your needs. We will typically use this to get to know you and your business, so that you are ready to make a choice by the end of the call, and if you choose to use our services, we are ready to write for you. Call 405-881-5028, or Email us.



1. The writer should get to know YOU, and your business. They should either BE familiar with your target market already, or they should ask you questions to develop familiarity before they ever write anything for you.

2. If they ask you for keyword lists, and nothing more, don't hire them, they don't know what they are doing. This is especially true for blog posts. Keyword lists are irrelevant - Absolutely and completely USELESS. TOPICS are the important thing. Keywords arise naturally from good topics, and naturally occurring keywords are the best draw for quality traffic. There are scientific reasons for this, which take too long to explain. Please believe us when we tell you that someone who asks you for topics, and who gets to know your business, can produce a higher draw article than ANYONE who analyzes keywords.

3. Search Engine Appeal comes naturally from good writing. Customer appeal comes naturally from good writing. So hire someone who writes in a way you enjoy reading! And don't pay for writing that is not understandable and enjoyable for you - if you don't think your customers will love it, DON'T BUY IT! If you paid in advance, demand a rewrite if it does not make you feel good.

4. Never hire anyone who does not natively speak your language. It will always be obvious in the writing. and it will hurt your credibility with your customers.

5. Good writing is worth paying for. You are NOT going to get good quality writing for $5 per article. You won't get good writing from rewriting PLR articles (if you don't know what that means, don't worry about it, the people who need this warning know what it means). Good writing has personality, and is completely original. You won't find another article online that uses the same sentences, and you won't find 150 other articles with the same title showing up in the search engines. The BEST writing reaches inside the minds of your customers, and addresses their questions, fears, dreams, and goals in a way that helps them feel that you really "get" it. It educates them so they can be superior customers for you. And it helps YOU feel good about the job you do.

6. Good writing takes time. A good article may take anywhere between 2 and 14 days to write, depending on the complexity. A good writer will research, write a rough draft and then polish it. Then they will set it aside for a day or two, and come back to it again, to re-read and polish one more time. (That extra time is important, it gives them a fresh view of it, and helps them spot issues they'd not see otherwise.) They may be satisfied at that point, or feel they need more research and editing. If they are satisfied, they'll send it off to you for review. You may send it back with recommended edits, or not. If you do, it can add a few hours, or even several more days, depending on the extent of edits, and whether they involve significant changes or not. When the writing really matters, you WANT to take that time! Blog posts are typically on the shorter end of things, unless they are pivotal ones (sometimes the blog post is special, and you know it). Web content runs the gamut - it may be quick to write, or very difficult. Home page, About page, Terms and Conditions, and extended product detail pages, or descriptions of products or services that are unique and not standard for the industry are on the difficult end of things. Product descriptions, standard service descriptions, explanations of terms that you use on your site, and other similar items are on the simpler end of things.

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